(photo: Western's Alternative Spring Break program)

About ASB

Alternative Spring Break is an exciting opportunity for you to participate in a week-long, hands-on service learning experience! You might choose to join a team that is teaching children at the Hope of a Child Orphanage in the Dominican Republic, providing medical clinics to under-serviced communities in Costa Rica, or helping to support programs for at-risk populations in our own community of London, Ontario… it's completely up to you!

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Man Jeff, sounds like you're working harder than you do back at home (ha, ha). Seriously, sounds like all involved are definitely making a difference in the lives of so many.... and you're only half-way done. Keep up the hard work, and keep the blogging and photos coming.


On behalf of the Jeff Renaud fan club, we would like to say how EXTREMLEY proud and happy we are about the work you guys are doing. It sounds wonderful.

Our only request: can someone please take a picture of Jeff to post?

Jen, Clark and Anika xo

What an exciting trip! Nice to hear about the impact you are making. We like hearing about the lessons and thoughts. I also add to the request.. can we see Jeff? I want to make sure he's wearing sunscreen and Barry thinks he's actually in Vegas.

Way to go, UWO!

Kathy and Barry.

Nice to finally see the red-head we know and love.

Loving the writing Jeff!

It great to see there are excellent groups like you guys that really do make a difference.

Keep up the good work

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