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Is UWO looking for a new President to replace Paul Davenport? I saw an advertisement in the Globe and Mail.

Karen Marshall

Just to let you all know that e-books are being fully embraced by the publishing community as a cheaper, more effective way of disseminating information and Western Libraries is fully engaged. We have recently purchased 12,000 Springer e-book titles that are now available in our catalogue! For more information on Western Libraries e-books, check out the Western Libraries News at http://www.lib.uwo.ca/news/view.php?id=910

George Jacob

I don't think publishers will be very eager on switching to e-books. I think publishers did experiment with the idea in the early 2000s with having e-textbooks, but that didn't last for too long. The problem? Unlicensed sharing of software. Students are the population demographic most likely to share software, and mp3s. E-books will follow suit if they were available. Unless piracy laws are changed, publishers will be very hesitant to make this move.


I think the e-book idea is fantastic, (although I really do enjoy having a physical library!) I also think that printing on both sides of handouts would be ideal, using recycled paper, and maybe selling cd's or dvd's instead of books, or as an alternative to books.


E-books! The university or the Council of Ontario Universities should negotiate for a deal to get electronic books fopr all sourses offered. This not only reduce the number of trees cut down but should help in reducing the cost of education. These days books are over $100 each and usually only about 50% of the book is required for the course.

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