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Read: What Shall I do with my Life, By Derrick Jensen, especially the first 4 interviews. It will change your life.


The effect Mr. Obama has had on inspiring the American people to vote is incredible. That being said, I have never voted in a Canadian election, as I do not believe in voting for the "best of evils". However, had I the opportunity to vote in the American election this year I would have gone out of my way to do so. I can only wish there was a Canadian candidate who would inspire the same reaction.


Obama will only ruin the United States with his talk of "change"!
He says he'll stop the war in Iraq because American soldiers are dying! But what does that matter if he ends up killing millions of babies by passing the Freedom of Choice Act?
The change Obama will bring will only be detrimental to the United States!


Don't fool yourselves! Democracy is a farce. Just look at the Canadian election. Same old, same old issues regurgitated over and over with NO real leadership or anyone coming up with NEW policies or directions. They only address these same issues in the hope you believe you have a say in democracy by voting. No one showed up! What about us having a say in decriminalizing marijuana or outlawing the W.T.O.? Not on the ballot. Obama is a still a Skull & Crossbone member. That said, my pick is for Marc Scott Emery.


Please check the spelling for Mr. Obama - it should be Barack with one "r".

Barack Obama is by far the largest hope for the United States.

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