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I understand the economic issues that Canada, the US and the world are having. But agreeing with what David Suzuki said, don't over-look it. Economy is only important when we have a well constructed and stable society. We should not make economy on top of everything else. It is important right now because there are so many issues with it. But, let's take this thought for one second, is it a huge issue now because we have always made it as the upmost important and vital matter in our life ? I really think, and believe, altering the way we have been treating economy will help rebuilding the world's society as a whole, and the Earth as well.


staying in school until it's safe!!!

l smith

Today I cashed in the last of my mutual funds and put everything in GIC's. At least I might get back to where I started in 15 years. My financial advisor did NOT follow my instructions when I asked my $ to be put in low risk. He put the $ in volatile global equities. Shame on him.

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