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I recall that, during the recent election, the Conservatives stated that Canada was not in the same situation as the United States--had a stronger financial regulatory body and was better prepared. In short, we would not face the problems the U.S. is facing. The Liberals disagreed whole-heartedly and emphatically urged action immediately on the upcoming crisis. Well, we know who was right. Whatever happens to the U.S. eventually happens here because of our close economic ties. We are in a recession and it is only because of pressure from the other parties (and the threat of losing power) that the Conservatives back-pedalled and said they would go into deficit to stimulate the economy. We will see what is actually proposed at the end of the month. Harper is an ideologue from the early days of the Reform Party and he hasn't changed. Canada is a (small l) liberal country with respect for others and a sensible financial strategy--a combination of sensible government management with fair market economics. I would vote Liberal if there were an election.


With the budget coming out at the end of January, I doubt very much that the government will fall.

Ever since talks of the socialist-separatist coalition erupted, more credibility has gone to the Conservatives because the opposition parties campaigned against the coalition during the last election. Since then many Liberals and NDP members have come out publicly against a coalition government. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff was smart by not jumping on the coalition band wagon.

Prime Minister Harper is leading us through difficult times, and providing us with an adequate stimulus package to protect Canada in a time of global economic instability. Prime Minister Harper has said “Canada’s economy, like Canada’s people, is durable and resilient”. This is the kind of attitude and leadership our Prime Minister should be showing.

If an election was held now I would vote Conservative.


No money for military or arctic sovereignty...hmmmm. The Global Greens believe in peace keeping, search and rescue, training of civilian peacekeepers, and maintaining a workable level of Armed Forces to assist other nations when all other options are exhausted. Advocating for the Arctic is made stronger through better relationships with First Nations people and residents of the North. The grab over resources which are belived to be extractable (at any cost), is a result from humanity's short-sighted intensive use of CO2 emitting fossil fuels (we made decisions as a people in the past with the best knowledge available - as we understand the nature of fossil fuels today, suggests that intelligent and concerned people will choose something better). In fact, over 80% of Canadians want to be environmentally responsible, and are very frustrated with laisse-faire politics. Removing these resources is our last-chance grab at finite materials, with extremely harmful results for the environment, wildlife and the people.
Greens advocate for a relocalization of our lives: food production, manufacturing, renewable energy, eco-based education, health promotion (which is really, really hard when we keep using the air, water & soil as dumping grounds - which is resulting in bioaccumulation of toxins, just because we can't "prove" the connection between chemicals and illness, doesn't mean we shouldn't prevent them - hence the "Precautionary Principle". It is very disturbing fact that human remains are considered toxic waste, and breast milk is so polluted with DDT and flame-retardants.
As for holding Government - the Greens exist in over 77 countries, where in just the latest election in New Zealand, elected 8 Green ministers (www.globalgreens.info). There's a good reason why Germany is so far ahead of Canada in regards to energy. The Greens were elected in 1988 and through a coalition government began to educate and present sensible policies for citizens to vote for. Canadian Greens have very similar policies. We are the fastest growing party, with visible results in the past 4 Federal Elections. Thank you for the opportunity to express these things. Greens respect diversity, ecological wisdom, and the triple bottom line. If something is not good for the environment, people, and the economy - then it does not pass the Green litmus test. Greens understand the challenges that lie before us. We believe that people are intelligent, resilient and resourceful. One of the key factors that can assist us to make the transition away from a carbon-heavy lifestyle, is leadership - at every level. Electing people is the last step, whereby enough of the citizenry will choose to vote Green, because their values and concerns are reflected in the policies and character of the person seeking election. No small task, yet people are stepping up to the plate, on school boards, city councils, community activists organizations, teachers, children, grandparents, lawyers, doctors, New Canadians, and First Nation people who see many of their values (such as planning for the seventh generation - an Iroquois Tradition) reflected in the Green Party platform. I invite everyone to take a look at the www.greenparty.ca website. Provincially, the Green Parties across Canada offer regionally appropriate policies which focus on Provincial issues.


If the government falls. I will support the Conservative Party of Canada just as I did in the last election. Polling shows that the conservatives currently have 45% support where 40% is generally the amount needed for a majority in an election. If an election were held today the conservatives would win. They are our best choice, we need action and not political stunts or power grabs.

In response to another comment posted we would get nowhere with the Green Party, there would be no money for anything such as military, arctic sovereignty or others. The only purpose of the Green Party is to raise issues in elections as they could never govern.


I have supported the Green Party since 1999, and will again. I don't want to wait for the other parties to take the Green Party's Platform policies piece by piece, we need the whole thing, together, now. Action on climate change, green jobs, housing, organic agriculture, support for public transit, health promotion, honouring First Nation's People, peacekeeping missions, and assistance for the manufacturing sector to move toward sustainability, overall, a relocalization of Canadian life - we need to produce things of value right here.

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