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How exciting, Nathan! I have so many questions for you;
Did you experience any culture shock? What type of accommodations are you in? How are you finding the cuisine?

Can't wait to read more, keep up the good blogging!

I have not experienced any severe culture shock. The people from past years prepared me well for what it would be like here in Ghana. The only thing is sometimes I have that “lost in translation” feeling when people are talking to me. We are staying in a guest house. It is a nice place, we have an open kitchen where we can cook, our own bathroom, a common satellite TV, wi-fi, AC, and a generator for when the power goes out (which happens frequently). The food is good, we have been eating a lot of rice and chicken because it is everywhere and pretty safe. We have also tried some traditional food like kinki (I am not sure of the spelling). The tradition food is very heavy and filling. Everything comes with pepe, chili, so the food is usually spicy. But if we ever feel like western food we can get it at the Mall. There they have pizza, burgers, and fried chicken.

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