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SXSW Day 2

By Western Communications - 03/13/2010 at 11:08 PM

(Above: the Texas State capitol building at night)

Today started out really great - mainly because I didn’t get any nosebleeds. Joyce, whom I had dinner and hung out for a bit with tonight, did have a nosebleed. So weird.

Today’s sessions were really great. One was about Universities in the Era of Free Education. They said that University of Phoenix has 150k MBA students. I took lots of detailed notes from that session. Sometimes you attend a session and you can take breaks between points and just listen. During this one, there was so much data coming through that it was a furious challenge to keep up. But I think I got it. I took about four pages of notes.

One of the other sessions today was about CSS 3 and HTML 5. They showed some things you can do with CSS 3 including block element transforms, text shadows, animation, and more. Most of the stuff covered I've been experimenting with. They covered which browsers supported which CSS 3 specs and surprise, surprise - IE 6 and its inability to render most anything properly took most of the blunt force trauma during that session. IE 7 wasn’t spared the rod much either. All in all a good session with lots of learning to be had. It felt good to be wrapped in code again. Hopefully there’s some for me to write when I return to Western. ;)

The trade floor opened today and I got five t-shirts and a bunch of buttons too. Still looking for a Twitter tee for Terry and planning a trip down to Mellow Johnny's (Lance Armstrong's bike shop) tomorrow if I have some time.

So glad that I didn't waste money on cabs this trip - the 30 minute walk each way is really relaxing and peaceful and the weather is really warm.


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