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SXSW - Day 4

By Western Communications - 03/15/2010 at 9:11 PM

Today was another great day, one that was so great that I didn't realize I missed breakfast and lunch until my brain started shutting down around 2pm.

Lots of great panels today including developing iPhones apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript only. The demo included showing how easily jQtouch can be used on a project, and then how to use a tool called PhoneGap to develop the application in XCode (Apple's app authoring tool) and be able to build a web-based app as though it were a native app. Lots of amazing notes in this session, and it was one of two so far that I've actually seen people get up to clap at the end.

I also attended a gaming panel for a game called Borderlands. It was a bit of an indulgence but then started me thinking about some projects back at the Comms bunker. If you don't know, Borderlands is a first person shooter that contains a ton of items and enemies. The game designers showed and talked about how the entire game is built on one mathematical formula. One formula controls the enemies, the weapons, and more. Inspired me to create a standard set of elements that we can use across all of our sites, regardless of location. I'd been thinking of that in the past, but that session, however unrelated, really kicked that into gear.

Another day with no nosebleeds, but during the second session of the day, one of the ones I really wanted to see: After Magazines: Wired's digital rebirth, I started to feel sick and ducked out of the show. As soon as I opened the door, I discovered a line to get in that was about 60 people long. I was not able to get back in. Luckily, making friends with people in the hallways, even if they don't speak your language, has been the order of the day. I found out that Robert, an attendee from the Netherlands, captured the entire presentation on his Flip camera and he shared a link to it. Can't wait to spend some time going through it.

If you're in the dark about it, Wired and Adobe have teamed up to create a truly unique digital version of Wired that is very cool and is intended to work on tablet devices. In addition to showing their magazine, they also announced an Android-powered tablet that no one had heard about before.

Twitter also announced a new service today during a keynote presentation that sounded really great but via Twitter, I learned everyone walked out of near the end. The service is called @anywhere and makes it easier for web sites to connect their authors with their Twitter profiles (among other things). People left the talk because Twitter's CEO Evan Williams was being interviewed by someone who wasn't good at doing interviews. Bit of a bummer and not a super way to launch a new product, but all of the Tweets about Williams and @anywhere made it sound like the product has some serious legs.

Among other things, I also got to see Gary Vaynerchuck speak today in front of about 1500 people in one of the larger ballrooms. He is an energetic, passionate speaker that is really good at motivating people and helping them believe in themselves. It was a great session that at it's close resulted in a freestyle beatboxing/rap jam.

Tomorrow is a bit of a slower day - I still have five sessions picked out, but I my head is swimming a bit. I might take some time to set out and take some photos, buy some souvenirs, and otherwise enjoy part of the day, "off".

PS: all of my SXSW 2010 photos are available on Flickr!


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