Exams: The Opposite of Awesome.


Now that Old Man Winter has jumped the gun by almost 5 weeks and dumped a ton of the white stuff on these here parts (no, not the white stuff that almost derailed the talents of Aaron Sorkin and Stevie Nicks.  I’m talking precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, you crazy hepcats) the encroaching spectre of exams has been put into stark reality.

Gone are the days of fragrant summer blossoms and setting aside readings to go frolic in the pasture.  In their stead: the skeletons of deciduous trees, their sinewy boughs weeping under the weight of the oppressive snowbelt winter, and passing on even minimal exercise so that you may tweak the table of contents for your Property summary just…one…more…time.

Needless to say, exams can stretch the limits of the law student’s psyche at the best of times.  Add to that ANY external stresses and you have yourself a powder keg.  Let me tell you about my meltdown moments in first year.

First thing’s first: I am a Mac guy.  I love my MacBook and, sweet marie, it loves me.  I first laid eyes on “Winston” during late August of 2007.  Dropped upon my doorstep by a smiling delivery-man (or delivery-person for those of you with a PC bent; however, with his thick, lustrous moustache and his gleaming nametag (Roy), his “delivery-man-ness” was beyond doubt), I hurriedly, but carefully, lifted my new best friend from its space-age sarcophagus, its exterior gleaming in virginal whiteness.  I gingerly opened it and delicately pressed the power button.  Whirring to life, Winston cood, “hey there, fella.”  It was like magic.  But real.

Fast-forward 4 months.  The Great Exam War of 2007 was reaching its zenith.  I had been holed up in the trenches for longer than I could remember.  I couldn’t tell what was the greater enemy: the doctrine of promissory estoppel or the combination of scurvy and trenchfoot.  I was mired in my own filth.  And then, when I felt I could dip no lower, I had to sit by, idly, and watch as my best friend died in the middle of a frantic dogfight (read: torts study session).  Some of you Mac Users may be familiar with the enemy: the rainbow pinwheel of death! 


Winston was frozen.  I tried a quick reboot, but to no success.  A drab, grey screen is all that greeted me on startup.  No more cooed pleasantries.  No more thrumming of creativity.  Just grey.  Cold.  Dead.

I lost everything.  All my notes, summaries, practice exams, nude photos of Rudy Giuliani personal files.  All of it.  Gone.  Should I have backed everything up?  Sure. Was I expecting that my 4 month-old laptop would make it through first term exams?  Yes.

Mon Dieu, what did you do, you ask?  Well, my friends, I soldiered on.  With the help of my wonderful small group I culled some summaries, got down to business, and continued on with my mediocre academic performance as if nothing ever happened!  Gang, I couldn’t have reached the middle of the road without you!

The only thing worse?  When that replacement hard-drive crashed on 31 March 2008, a mere two-and-a-half weeks before final exams.  Now, I had learned my lesson: I backed everything up on an external hard-drive.  The problem?  The external didn’t recognize any of the Omni Outliner files I had saved on it.  Thus, when I tried to “recover” everything I was met with a smug “File Note Recognized” message.  What’s worse: after paying $200 I was handed a disc of all of my files.  Success, right?  Well, not so fast.  The files came back without any file names or types.  Instead, there was one folder with upwards of 5000 files labeled, helpfully, 0001 through 4999.  Deciding between asking for help and opening all 5000 unorganized files in the hopes of relabeling was really no choice at all.

Again, small group C came to the rescue (thank goodness I never went through with my 2008 New Year’s Resolution to stop treating people with respect and civility, right?).  Again, while admittedly scrambling, I still managed to get myself in order in time for exams.  However, if I could choose between reliving that experience and letting a Silverback Gorilla punch me in the face, I would choose King Kong 9 times out of 10.

And if you think my relationship with my laptop is out of the ordinary let me show who how seriously we law students take our computers this time of year

To all of you heading in to exam season, best of luck.  And, for pete’s sake, back your stuff up!



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