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The Ontario Global Edge Program gives students an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and the role of small and medium-sized businesses in a global economy. Since 2013, twenty interns have participated in the Ontario Global Edge Program with organizations in Kenya and India. These placements provided opportunities to develop skills in business, leadership, and intercultural communication. Each summer the interns will share their experiences on this blog, and in the fall (during International Week) there will be a presentation to the campus community.

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Bringing a tear to my eye! You go girl - it is so wonderful to hear your thoughts and to know our planet is in the hands of young people like you! Nicola keep working hard, dreaming and writing about it! Your kind of fire catches on. The coffee is AMAZING - can hardly describe how delicious it is!


Nicola! So great to hear that you are having such a wonderful experience with Vava Coffee! Congratulations!

Momma Jess

Jambo Ms. Nicola, Sista Rockstar. Thank-you for this joyful, insightful, informed, realistic and educational post which, for me, embraces the complexities of forces/life in the developmental context of African geopolitics (was going to say '3rd World', but just read that is an out of date term now). Through your writing you convey the mightiness of the human spirit which in its greatness contrasts with the meanness, hunger for power/ control/domination and fear/greed that has for so many generations created the pattern for, tradition and inertia which continues the outrageous inequities/imjustices. Just this week, my friends from Congo told me of their 14 year old cousin, run over by a police car and killed. They have no money to pay for the funeral, since they hadn't put any aside due to not expecting a death at this time in his life. When they went to the police to ask for compensation and to find out if charges would be laid, the reply was simply "it's government. There is nothing we will do". My friend, who now lives in Canada, is empowered by her own spirit and the liberty and decency she has experienced here says"If only I lived there. I would put his body in a simple box and leave it on the steps of the govt. building, with a note on it that says "You did this and now you deal with it." It is almost impossible for us 1st worlders to understand the harshness and the extremes-our lives are so much kinder and gentler in every which way. And we drink coffee in order to get ready for our day. Vava inspires hope. She creates synergy. Thank-you for explaining how in the enclave of Vava coffee there is a community within a society making a difference, one bean at a time. Please let Vava know there are more people across the globe rooting for her, and we want to stand with her as she changes the world. Can we purchase the coffee? May you always walk on the green leaves, not the dry ones. May Jesus always be your good companion and thank-you for making us think. Love to you. Asante sana, namaste, Momma Jess


It is so wonderful to hear your thoughts and to know our planet is in the hands of young people like you! Nicola keep working hard, dreaming and writing about it! Your kind of fire catches on.

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