Staff International Engagement (SIE)

Michele Parkin is traveling to Malawi, Africa as a participant in the Leave for Change program.

To encourage global awareness and impact, Western’s Staff International Engagement (SIE) group has established partnerships with several leading development organizations. As Western staff travel the world to share their expertise and learn about and from other cultures they will be using this slice of the web to share their experiences and insights.

We welcome all constructive comments to the weblogs hosted by the University. Individuals who post content on Western's weblogs are subject to the terms of Western's Acceptable Use Agreement. Content which constitutes clear cases of abuse of the medium will be removed from the weblogs.

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Thanks for writing such an in-depth description of your experiences, Sylvia! Takes me back to my days in Korea - RT and I would usually happen upon those parks on tops of hills or mountains. As if you didn't get enough just by climbing the hill! I think you could also call this a foodie's tour of Hanoi! Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have another great week!

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