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Bob Gough

Hi Sophie,
Great blog, thanks for the update and detail. There have not been 10 kitchens that have started and failed. There have been 14 kitchens started and 3 have failed, 2 start and stop and the other nine are functioning with varying degrees of production (see Mwanza intern blogs). There are also another 6 'unofficial' kitchens that have started organically in Mwanza using the starter culture from one of the kitchens who gets the probiotic bacteria from NIMR. Very ambitious goals to start 10 kitchens before leaving Juja. I think it will be a major accomplishment to have the one model kitchen on campus operating in a sustainable manner.


Hi Bob,

Sorry, I will edit that information right away. I heard it from another intern... but I should have double checked with someone else. Yes, we are focusing on starting the one kitchen at JKUAT but our supervisor is aiming for 10 in Kenya in the future! :)

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Bob Gough